This website is a living document of the worst waste of my time I have ever masochistically subjected myself to, willingly or otherwise, listening to music. It is formatted as a 'tier list', containing seven distinct 'tiers', with items therein descending in quality the further down you travel. Each item, or song if you'd prefer, within each tier is also in order of how good it is within said tier, so songs listed higher are considered to be better. This is my opinion, technically, but it should be treated as objective fact, as that will most please my fragile ego.
Get ready to probably hate my guts.

Also I guess I should provide a legend for the seemingly random parenthetical characters:

I should probably mention that I intend to turn every song name and album name on here into a link. I've actually already started, but am too tired to do it with the rest right now. Every 'glass beach' song on the album 'the first glass beach album', as well as every instance of the album name of course, is now a clickable link that'll take you to the appropriate Bandcamp page.

The current number of individual songs I've listened to is 105 and ever growing.
Next on the chopping block: plastic death - glass beach

Personal Favourites:

Nothing yet.

Exceptionally Good:

Nothing yet.

Actually Good:

Bordering on Being Good:

Almost Passable:

Failure in Most Aspects:

  1. 'Last Known Image of a Song' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  2. '' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  3. 'RayCats' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  4. 'Toys 2' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  5. 'The Man Who Sold the World' - Midge Ure
  6. 'Still Stuff That Doesn't Happen' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  7. 'The Station' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  8. 'Black Snow' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  9. 'Babylon' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  10. 'Same' - Age Of - Oneohtrix Point Never
  11. 'Dai the Flu' - Deftones (L)
  12. 'Jaded' - Spiritbox (L)
  13. 'Dancing Plague' - aloutoulou
  14. 'Bodys' - Car Seat Headrest (L) (O)
  15. '505' - Arctic Monkeys (L)
  16. 'I Wanna Be Yours' - Arctic Monkeys (L)
  17. 'Movement 1 - Symphony 9' - Dmitri Shostakovich

Utter Garbage, Zero Redeemable Qualities:

  1. 'Say It Ain't So' - Weezer
  2. 'Undone -- The Sweater Song' - Weezer
  3. 'Buddy Holly' - Weezer
  4. 'YKWIM?' - Yot Club (L)
  5. 'By Fire' - Hiatus Kaiyote (C)
  6. 'Inside Out' - Duster (L)
  8. 'Flashback' - Whirr (L)
  9. 'Indiana Jones' - Yuno Miles
  10. 'Pirates on a Boat' - Yuno Miles
  11. 'Pirates on a Boat 2' - Yuno Miles
  12. 'Lover, You Should've Come Over' - Jeff Buckley (L)
  13. 'Mega Man' - Jay Eazy